Why Captain Toad is the Best Character in the Super Mario Series

We all have our favorite characters in the Super Mario Series. From the original Super Mario Bros to the Mario Golf, Tennis, and Baseball the series has a plethora of interesting personalities. There’s the anti-Mario brothers Wario and Waluigi. And then there’s the princesses Peach and Daisy. And let’s not forget Geno from Super Mario RPG (looking at you, Sakurai).

Many people’s favorite character is Mario. Likewise, many believe that Mario is the hero of the series. But these people would be mistaken, just as those who believe Frodo is the hero of Lord of the Rings overlook the true hero, Samwise Gamgee. The real hero – and the best character – of the Super Mario series is Captain Toad.

Captain Toad embodies the devotion to mission, sense of adventure, and loyalty that are incredibly important to Mario’s quest to rescue the princess from Bowser’s clutches. Throughout the series we repeatedly see Captain Toad risk himself to aid Mario and often puts himself right in the brink of danger along the way.

Just look at that determination.

In fact, the only character who is committed enough to be there the entire time is Captain Toad. You may not always see him but give it a few levels and he’ll turn up. Not to mention he’ll have already hunted down a star coin! Captain Toad is always weaving in and out of Thwomps, Blurkers, and Galoombas. He never questions the validity of Mario’s journey, but instead supports him and finds a way to help.

Ultimately, the real hero of the series is Captain Toad because he makes it possible for Mario to do what he does. It’s the behind the scenes work that makes Mario successful and his undying devotion to the plumber’s quest. There are many characters in the Mario universe, but none so important as Captain Toad.

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