Nintendo Should Port Kid Icarus: Uprising to the Switch

The most recent Nintendo Direct provided us with yet another unprecedented move from the company: a port of a Nintendo 3DS game to the Switch. In case you missed it, the game is Miitopia and it will be available on Switch on May 21st, 2021. While I’m excited to delve into the world of Miitopia – a game I passed over on the 3DS – I am more excited about the possibilities it opens with regards to bringing the 3DS library to the Switch.

There are quite a few worthy 3DS titles, but perhaps the most glaringly obvious (Besides Mother 3 of course…) potential port is Kid Icarus: Uprising. This release came way out of leftfield. The original Kid Icarus was an NES game and, besides an appearance in Smash, the game hadn’t really been talked about at all since the ‘80s.

Kid Icarus has come a long way since 1986.

The fact that Nintendo released a new Kid Icarus game wasn’t the only surprise. Kid Icarus: Uprising turned out to be one of the best games on the system. Masahiro Sakurai rebooted the franchise as a third person shooter and it greatly exceeded expectations. The game centers around Pit’s adventures as a servant of the Goddess of Light and was praised for its story, innovative gameplay, music, and graphics.

Nintendo Will Need to Upscale the Graphics a Bit.

While the game sold over a million copies it wasn’t without its flaws. If you’ve played a Nintendo 3DS before then you know it doesn’t quite lend itself to third person shooters. This is an issue that could be fixed with the Switch’s dual thumb sticks. There are already several great shooter games on system, which goes to show that the console is more than just a hub for RPGs. Kid Icarus: Uprising could make use of the Switch’s gyro controls as well, creating a sort of Splatoon-like gameplay. Nintendo could take the opportunity to upscale the graphics as well, much like they have with the Miitopia port. 720p isn’t that great, but it’s certainly better than the 240p of the 3DS.

My personal wish list of 3DS ports is expansive, but Kid Icarus is definitely among the top five and, perhaps, the most important port from the system.  With the Switch’s lifespan far from over and a Switch Pro likely on the horizon, we will likely continue to see ports from the 3DS.

Did you play Kid Icarus: Uprising back in the day? What games would you like to see ported from the 3DS to the Switch?

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