Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Yuffie DLC is Sink or Swim

Like most Final Fantasy VII fans, I was hoping for a little bit more than a DLC announcement from Square Enix at the most recent PlayStation State of Play. Ideally, we would have gotten a Final Fantasy VII Remake: Part Two announcement. Instead, we got an updated version for the PS5 and a questionable DLC episode.

While I’m still sad we didn’t get a glimpse into the next chapters of Final Fantasy VII’s story, the announcement of Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade is encouraging for several reasons. First, after the Cyberpunk 2077 debacle, I am a huge fan of remastering the game for the next generation of consoles. Part of the reason Cyberpunk failed is, allegedly, because they were trying to make a game that was playable on both the current and next-gen systems. The release of Intergrade indicates that Square Enix is planning to release the entire saga of Final Fantasy VII Remake games on PS5 without having to compromise for hardware requirements. This, in addition to the game being a PlayStation exclusive will allow the company more creative freedom and the ability to build a stronger game.

The decision to introduce Yuffie as DLC is questionable but opens the door for a larger world and indicates Square Enix’s intention to expand the series beyond the original story. At first, I was skeptical about the idea to include Yuffie as DLC, considering her role in the game as a discoverable character. Including her as DLC means that new players will never experience coming upon the Materia thief in the forest and convincing her to join their party.

The Original Yuffie Kisaragi Artwork

According to the new trailer, however, the Yuffie episode places Wutai in a more significant role than the original game (where it was relegated mostly to an optional side-quest), introduces a new character (Sonan Kusakabe), and brings a character from other Final Fantasy VII entries into the game (Weiss). Perhaps the most exciting part of this the inclusion of Weiss, who appeared in both Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. We know that Square Enix is releasing the entire FF7 compilation on iOS and Android in 2022, but this hints at the idea that we might see more characters and story arcs from those games incorporated into Final Fantasy VII Remake.

This is exciting for the existing Final Fantasy VII material as well. If Square Enix is expanding the Yuffie storyline, what’s to keep them from expanding that of Vincent or even Cait Sith. A separate DLC involving Red XIII’s storyline could also be incredibly interesting.

What do you think about Final Fantasy VII: Intergrade? Leave your thoughts down below and let us know if you plan on upgrading to the PS5 version. If you can find a PS5, that is…

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