Mother 3 Mondays #1: Beginnings

A few weeks ago I wrote an article arguing that the Switch Provides Nintendo with the perfect opportunity to localize Mother 3. I won’t recap the entire story, but basically the game was released in Japan but never made an appearance in the West. Spoiler, over fifteen years later the game still hasn’t seen an English release.

Though this blog has a wide focus, my personal wish list includes a localization of Mother 3 and an Earthbound remake, both of which I have written about previously. As we continue to carve out our niche here at Just Matt Gaming, we’ve decided to start a weekly column dealing exclusively with Mother content. The end state of these Mother 3 Mondays is, ideally, that Nintendo brings the series back into the mainstream through localization, remasters, and remakes.

Some have speculated that Nintendo has something up their sleeve for the series’ 30th anniversary on July 27th of this year. This speculation has been further propagated by the release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for the first time in the West just a few months ago. There are a few notable differences, the chief one being that Fire Emblem is a much more popular series than Mother/Earthbound ever was (Sorry That being said, however, it does set a precedent of bringing a game previously only available in Japan to Western audiences.

Throughout this series I will cover a diverse set of topics relating to the Mother/Earthbound franchise, always tying it back to the Mother 3 localization and, tangentially, the Earthbound Remake. This is based on the ancient wisdom that if you say it enough times it will become true! I hope to, eventually, include such content as reviews of the various Mother main series games and fan edits as well as – hopefully – interviews with people involved with the localization movement such as Tomato, who was largely responsible for the Mother 3 fan translation and runs Earthbound Central.

What do you think about the Mother series and are you excited about the possibility of an English port for Switch? What do you think Nintendo’s plans – if any – are for the franchise?

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