Why We Won’t See a Final Fantasy Tactics Remake Anytime Soon

The last year has been a great year for remakes and remasters, especially from companies like Square Enix and Nintendo. We saw Trials of Mana completely remade, a remaster for Skyward Sword announced, and of course the release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. The 30th anniversary of the Mother series also has fans speculating that we might see Nintendo announce a remake of Earthbound or a Mother 3 remastered localization.

With the ground ripe for old games to have a new life some have been hoping that Square Enix would bring a Final Fantasy Tactics Remake to the Switch. Unfortunately, after the most recent Nintendo Direct, this seems unlikely. Square Enix isn’t necessarily known for tactics style games. Its bread and butter is story-driven RPGs like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and other similar games.

With the announce of Square Enix’s Project Triangle Strategy all hopes of seeing Final Fantasy Tactics Remake were dashed. Square simply doesn’t have the bandwidth for multiple tactics style games. Luckily for fans of the genre, this new tactical RPG seems to draw quite a bit of inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Project Triangle Strategy is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics.

The game is basically a follow-up to the highly successful Octopath Traveler and is being crafted in the same visual style. The company is marketing it as a tactical RPG that will test the courage of your convictions. In essence, Project Triangle Strategy – though not the remake many wanted – is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics. There is a free download of the game’s demo if you need your tactics itch scratched. Otherwise the release date is set for sometime in 2022.

Are you one of the many Final Fantasy Tactics fans excited for Project Triangle Strategy? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

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